How To Make Invisible Name On Reddit

Well, if you are here than probably you heard about how to make invisible name on Reddit. Nowadays most people are trying to make their name invisible to everyone and most people know about these tricks. So if you don't know then we are going to discuss a simple method without any use of the app.

I will tell you the the most suitable and perfect method to make blank name on Reddit without violating the rules and regulations of Reddit.

You can surprise your followers by hiding your name or it can also be for fun purposes. Reddit doesn't like these types of things as Reddit updates come regularly so they try to make it impossible for the users. But most peoples like to do these kinds of things so that it looks unique from the others.

There are many good old tricks but Reddit makes some changes in its App by updating so the user cannot make an invisible name on Reddit.

How To Make Invisible Name On Reddit

  • ● Log in to Reddit account in order to make a blank name for reddit.
  • Click on the profile icon at the left upper corner of the app.
    • On the profile page just tap My Profile.
    • Then click on the Edit button.

      • Here you can see my current name is 'AB ULTIMATE GUIDES'.
      • Erase your current name.
        • Now carefully copy the blank code between the square brackets and paste it in the name section of Reddit. 

        [ ‏‏‎ ]

        • After paste the blank code doesn't write a single word in a name box of Reddit. 
         Tip: Zoom the page then copy the code it will be easier for you to copy.

        • After pasting the code now just tap on Save.
        • Now you can see there are no alphabets on my name of Reddit profile. 

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