Apple AirPods Max Specifications, Features & Fully Detailed Review PKR. 1 Lac

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Apple AirPods Max

This massive and big product of apple is launched at 15 December 2020. As it is an apple product so price is not too much lol.

Price is the Most highlights of this AirPods Max. These airpods max are coming with 549 dollars which when converted to Pakistani rupees plus including tax it will give you massive amount above 1 lac rupees.

Here we are going to talk about every specifications and features of AirPods Max. As price is so high so features will be able to high.

Airpods max

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Specifications Of AirPods Max

First of all we are going to talk about it’s specifications.

As airpods max come with two earcups so this is the main part of headphones.

1. Both ear-cups of Air Pods max using apple power H1 chip.

With help of this chip the wireless connectivity is too much stronger than old AirPods.

2. Ear-cups are attached magnetically 🧲 so with this opportunity you can remove the ear-cups and replace it when it’s get old or dirty.

3. AirPods Max frame is fully designed with aluminium stainless steel.Β 

It provides you more comfort, more flexibility, more easy rotations.

4. One of the ear cup contain power button and Digital Crown.Β 

This Digital Crown is same as its used in Apple Watch ⌚️ series.

With the help of Digital Crown you can control volume up and down, pause audio, skip track, answer or end phone calls, or you can activate Siri.

Siri works same as it’s work on your phone πŸ“± iPad etc.

5. Price of this AirPods Max is $549 which is approximately 88,000 in Pakistani rupees.

The ultimate price after including taxes will become so high and it will probably more than 1 lac Pakistani rupees.

6. AirPods max come with 5 different colors.

~ Space Grey

~ Sliver

~ Pink

~ Green

~ Sky Blue

7. Battery πŸ”‹Β 

20 hours while using on high settings. High settings means when you have activated all its features like active noise cancellation, or adaptive EQ.Β 

8. Smart Case

Air-pods Max is coming with smart case in different 5 colours.

When the apple headphones 🎧 place in smart case then it will automatically put the headphones into ultra power mode, it will maintain battery πŸ”‹ so that it performs better when you use it.

Features Of AirPods Max

Now let’s talk about the features of the Airpods Max/ Apple Headphones 🎧.

1. High Fidelity Audio

It is the reproduction of high quality sound which reduce noise and better sound invented. Sound just hear πŸ‘‚ like an original sound.

2. Adaptive EQ

It is not available in AirPods but late on it was present in AirPods Pro now again it is available in Apple AirPods Max.

It basically collect low and mid frequencies of music and deliver the accurate and clear sound to the user produce more immersive sound means it capture small detail sound of an object.

3. Active Noise Cancellation

This feature is also present is AirPods Pro.

While enable this feature you will not listen any thing outside from your earcups of airpods max. You can also switch it off or on according to your fulfils.Β 

How Noise Cancellation works In AirPods Max?

Airpods Max using total 9 microphone out of which 8 are working just for noise Cancellation. Basically three outwards microphones collect the noise waves from the surrounding environment and then produce anti noise waves 🌊 because of producing anti noise waves it will cancel the effect of noise that is coming. This process is basically phase cancellation of waves. (In video I just say Superposition of waves in flow which is not true, it is phase cancellation.) 

4. Spatial Audio

It’s create sound in 360β€’ around the listener.

Basically with the help of this feature user feels that sound is coming form all the angles πŸ“. When user rotate head he will feel this spatial audio.

Many games, movies, shows and music are using this spatial Audio system.

5. Transparency Mode

This mode is use for listening sound outside the airpods Max basically when this mode is enabled then user can listen 🎧 the sound outside the headphones.

You can also switch it on or off like noise Cancellation mode.

6. Sensors

Optical and Position sensor also used in this Airpods Max. When the user put the headphone on his head then it will automatically play the music and similarly when user remove the Airpods Max from his head then it will automatically pause music or whatever user is listening.

7. Microphone πŸŽ™Β 

AirPods Max is using 9 microphone 🎀 out of which 8 are using for noise Cancellation and one is using for microphone like for callings, or recording audio.

Because of highly effective noise Cancellation airpods max records more clear and deep sound.

8. One Tap Connect

As it is using apple H1 chipset so it connect in just one single tap in just a few seconds and it’s automatically switch your airpods max on other apple devices.

9. Automatically Switching

It automatically switch your AirPods max on other apple devices like if you’re using MacBook πŸ’» and listening music 🎡 on it then suddenly you receive a call from someone on iPhone πŸ“± then it will automatically switch the Air-pods Max when you picked up the call πŸ“ž.

10. AirPods Max works with Specific iOS Updates

It is available only for latest versions like,

1. iOS 14.3 or later . . . iPhone πŸ“±

2. iOS 14.3 or later . . . iPad

3. iOS 11.1 or late . . . iMac πŸ–₯Β 

4. iOS 7.2 or later . . . Apple Watch ⌚️ 

5. iOS 14.3 or later . . . Apple TV πŸ“Ί



Video of AirPods Max From hAhA Innovations:

I hope 🀞 you like it.


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