How To Lock Notes On iPhone Or iPad Without Any App

Nowadays notes is a very important thing in every phone. We write text in our note for quick remembering and so that it can easy to access. Sometimes we write our personal things like password username etc so security also plays a main factor in these types of things.
Other phones like android have many third-party apps to lock an individual app in a phone but iPhone doesn't have these kinds of apps in their AppStore as Apple has given us an option to lock notes on iPhone or iPad.

I'm going to show you how to lock notes on iPhone or iPad with ios 9.3 or higher and this is one of the most interesting features that you'll actually see. In iPhone or iPad you can lock a Note that is a Stock App easily to open or use. So after this, someone cannot be looking into your personal Notes. You don't need a jailbreak or any app/software to make this work.

How To Lock Notes On iPhone Or iPad Without Any App

LockNotes On iPhone or iPad

How To Lock Notes On iPhone Or iPad

  • Go into the Notes.
  • Create a new note by writing something in notepad.

        • Once you write something on notes then tap on the little Share Button at the upper right corner of the screen it brings up your share options that we have seen before.
        • In this share popup menu instead of sharing it, we're going to choose Lock Note. Just scroll down the share menu unless you find the Lock Note.

        • After choosing the LockNote.
        • There are two options you can use here:
        1. Set Password
        2. Use Touch ID (Optional)
        • Enter the password you want to set, verify the password and choose the hint of your password then just press the done button. 
        • To set the password is necessary but you can disable the touch id.

                • Once you enter the password and pressed the done button then Lock Icon 🔓 will show on the upper right corner.
                • You have to tap the lock icon in the toolbar.
                • You will see the note is now locked 🔒.

                    How To Open Locked Note

                    Well it is quite an easy process to open a locked note you have to remember a password that you have selected or you can use your fingerprint if you have enabled it. 
                    • To open the locked note on iPhone or iPad click on the note that you have locked and use fingerprint or enter your password to view your note.


                    How To Change Password of Notes

                    If you want to change the password of lock notes on iPhone or iPad, then follow the given below steps.
                    • Go to Settings.
                    • Scroll down the setting page unless you find a Notes then tap on Notes.
                    • On the Notes page tap on Password.

                      • You have to enter the old password first. Then add a new password twice and simply choose your hint. After completing this press the Done button.

                      This allows you to create a new password for notes you lock from now on. Notes that already have a password aren't affected.

                      How To Reset Password

                      Most of the time if you forget your notes password and don't know what to do then there is also an option to reset the password of Notes so that you get access to your Notes.
                      If you want to rest the password of lock note on iPhone or iPad, Then follow the given below steps:
                      • Open the Settings of your device.
                      • Now scroll down the Settings page unless you find the Notes.
                      • Tap on Password on the Notes page that you have open.
                      • At the bottom of the Password page tap on Reset Password.

                      • You have to enter the Passcode of your iPhone or iPad in order to rest your password.
                      • The next page will open on this page you have to last time tap on Reset Password.
                      This will change the password that you used for the notes from now on.



                      • Only work with iOS 9.3 or higher than iOS 9.3.

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