How To Change Twitter Username

Instead of creating your new account, you can change your twitter username. If you think that your twitter username does not represent you properly then there is an easy way to change twitter username. The method is the same as on mobile and on the computer. Nowadays peoples are using twitter on a mobile phone so I will tell you the method to change twitter handle on mobile phones. It is quite easy and simple just follow the given below steps. There is no limit on how many times you can change your username on twitter and display name.

What is the Difference between twitter handle/username and display name?
First of all, you must have some clearance on twitter handle and display name. There is a difference between your display name and username as both are using on twitter. Your name is the name that displays on your profile or on your twitter page it may be your own name or your brand name. Your name is also similar to other names it is not unique. By display name most peoples recognize you. Your username is different for display name it is the profile URL and it is totally unique from others. Username is mostly used for login, for searching profiles, replies, and direct messages.

How long can be your twitter username and display username?
Your display name can be up to 50 characters long e.g AB ULTIMATE GUIDES.
Your twitter username can be up to 15 characters long e.g @abultimateguide.

Username Restrictions On Twitter
1. Your username can only have alphanumeric characters (letters A-Z, numbers 0-9).
2. The symbol that you can only use underscores _  e.g @_abultimate_
3. You can't select the username of any deactivate account and suspended account.
4. You can't select the username that is recently deleted.
5. The Twitter handle cannot contain the word Twitter or Admin, only official twitter can use these words.
6. Regarding twitter username restrictions you can also check Twitter Help Center.
7. You can't pick that username which is already taken. If the username is not available you will see a red cross not available notification and if the username is available then you will see a green tick available notification. In the case, if the username is not available the twitter will show you a new username.

What Happens if you change your Twitter Handle?
If you change your username it will not affect your existing followers, your Direct Messages, your replies, and your profile. When you update your new twitter handle then it will simply change your profile URL and your followers will see a new username on your profile.

What to do before changing twitter handle?
As if you changed twitter handle then you have to give some alerts to your followers so that they can direct messages and direct replies to your new username/twitter handle.

If you have a verified twitter account then by changing a username you will lose a badge (blue check-mark next to your name). So in this case in order to make any change, you should contact and alert twitter.

How To Change Twitter username/handle
How To Change Twitter Handle

How To Change Twitter Username

  • Log in to your twitter account by using your phone number, username or email. You will find your self on your new feed.
  • Click on your photo at the top left corner. You will see many options regarding your twitter account. 
  • Tap on Settings and privacy about two-thirds of the way down. These steps are quite similar to computer users.

    • In the Settings and privacy section just tap on Account in order to change twitter username.
    • In Account, you will see a Username option just tap on it.

        • Click on New Username and select your username according to twitter username restrictions which are almost all are discussed above.
          • For confirmation, you have to tap Continue to show that you really want to change the twitter handle.

              • Now edit your username and select the username that is not taken yet. It will markup with a green tick in order to show you that the username is available. 
              • Tap on the Done button and that's it.

                • We have completely change twitter handle @abdullahmaqso to new twitter handle @abdullagujjar01.


                  • If you have a verified twitter account (blue check-mark next to your name) then by changing a username you will lose a badge.
                  • You can't select the username that is recently deleted.

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