How To Delete Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the biggest social media that almost everybody uses all over the world. So if you have decided to delete twitter account then you must know that twitter has a different way to delete the account. Twitter does not offer temporary delete accounts like other social media Facebook, Instagram, etc. On the other social media you have an option to deactivate the account and by doing this your account will be hidden but when you open your account it will be reactivated.

What You Should Know about Deleting Process Of Twitter Account?
For the deletion of the twitter account, you have to deactivate the twitter account. Once you deactivate your twitter account then you have 30 days to reactivate it after the completion of time your account will be permanently deleted. In these 30 days, your account includes your tweets, photo, messages, etc will not be found on twitter.

What Happen If You Delete Verified Twitter Account?
If you have a verified account (check-up with the blue tick on your profile) then you have 12 months to reactivate your account again. Once you deactivate then after 12 months your account will be permanently deleted.

Can You Delete Your Twitter Account On Mobile Phone?
Some days back twitter does not give an option to delete twitter account permanently on the mobile app you have to do this on a computer or with the phone browser but nowadays twitter is totally updated you can also delete twitter account from the mobile phone.

If You Are Deleting Account Because Of These Problem Given Below:
  1. If you want to change your email address and username then you can change at any time in your Twitter settings you don't need to delete your Twitter account.
  2. If you think your content is index by Google and other search engines then Twitter cannot control this problem.
  3. If you have some problem regarding your account like incorrect followers, missing tweets, incorrect following counts, direct messages or others then by deleting your twitter account these problems cannot be solved you should contact twitter support.

It Is Important To Note That:
  1. When you deactivate or delete your twitter account then your username, public profile, display name and your all tweets will also be removed from Twitter.
  2. Make sure that your current username and email address will not be usable in the future.
  3. If you want to create an account with the same email address and username then you should change your email and username before deactivating twitter account. Otherwise, you have to wait until the deactivation period ends.
  4. You can't get back your twitter account after 30 days so think before deleting it.
  5. If you want to download your Twitter archive/data then you should download before deactivating your account.
Most people ask how to delete twitter account on iPhone so iPhone has also the same process as the others because twitter is not created by Apple.
In this post I'll show you how it is done, so keep reading all the details and follow the steps.

How To Delete Twitter Account
How To Delete Twitter Account

How To Delete Twitter Account

  • Open the Twitter App and login to your Twitter account. In the new feeds page just tap on Profile picture which is at the left upper corner side.

      • Now tap on the Settings and privacy about two-thirds down of the page. On the next page of Settings and privacy just click on Account.

          • At the bottom of the Account page tap on Deactivate your account. On the next page read all the details carefully about deleting your twitter account and tap on Deactivate.

              • Now complete your deleting request by entering the password of your account. Then tap on the Deactivate button.

                  • In the deactivation process, this is the last confirmation by twitter. Just tap on Yes, deactivate. Your account will be deactivated.
                    • Your whole data from twitter will be deleted. You can see in the picture that after I deactivate my twitter account if I searched my account profile it shows that account does not exist. The profile picture and cover photo are also not showing.


                    How To Reactivate Twitter Account

                    So if you change your mind to reactive twitter account within 30 days then this process is also quite easy. Once you sign in your account will be reactivated. Twitter will ask you to reactivate the twitter account. Follow the given below steps.

                    • Log in to your twitter account by entering your username and password. Just after press the login button you will see the next page on which your date of deactivation and date of deletion will be mention.
                    • So by clicking on Yes, reactivate your account will be reactivated within a seconds.


                        • Twitter does not give us an option to deactivate an account by our own time after 30 days account is deleted. For example, on Facebook, you can deactivate your account for the unlimited time your account will not be deleted.

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