How To Upload Blank Status On Facebook

Facebook has not given us an option to upload a blank status on Facebook. Although a long time ago we can do these kinds of things easily. We can post blank comments, write stylish names on a profile, make the name invisible, etc on a Facebook app but Facebook nowadays is totally updated its features in which you cannot do these things.

According to Facebook, you can only type some text, stickers, gifs, emojis, and upload photos on your status section. Without type anything, you can't post a status. We really like to upload a post in our daily life but what happens when we upload a blank status. You can surprise your friends by uploading a blank status.

Whenever you upload the blank status then facebook send caution as "This status update appears to blank. Please write something or attach or link or photo to update your status".
So if your friends don't know about this trick then you can make blank status on Facebook and gain extra attention from your friends. It also shows that you type something hidden text.

This is something that all of us can do to upload a blank status. Most people think that uploading blank status on Facebook requires some kind of software and it can be only possible on PC but this is not true.
In order to learn just read the article that is given below with attention.

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Upload Blank Status On FB

How To Upload Blank Status On Facebook

Note: This is also possible on Facebook official application or you can use the browser.
  • Open your Facebook app or browser whatever you are using in your Phone or PC.
  • Log in to your Facebook Profile.
  • Go to the Status section What's on your mind where you can type anything and post it.

  • Here create a post section that has been opened.
  • Now first tap on What's on your mind? ( Blank Place ) after that you can see your keyboard will be opened.

    • Now carefully copy the blank code between the square brackets and paste it in that comment. 

    [ ‏‏‎ ]

    • Click on Post

        • Here you can see the post has been uploaded.
        • This is a 100% working trick that I have shared with you. As you can see there is no text, emojis or photo in the post.


              • You have to copy an accurate code to post the blank comment on Facebook means you cannot write a single word when you paste the code.

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