How To Block Someone On Facebook

Blocking on Facebook is more serious than unfriending them. When you block someone on Facebook then they will not find you, view, contact you, your profile, photos, or the things you post on your timeline. Blocked people cannot tag you in their posts. Any person on Facebook can be blocked whether they are your friend or stranger. It is the most simple way to protect yourself from harassment, bullying, stalkers, fake profile, avoid direct messages or the people you don't want to communicate with. Basically, when you block people on Facebook the process occurs and Facebook hides that person for you. Blocking on Facebook will not send any notification to that person.
When you unblock the person and again want to block the same person then you have to wait for 48 hours. On block Facebook account then they will also be removed from your friend list and after some time if you unblock that person then you won't automatically friends again. In order to become friends, you 'll send a new friend request to them.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Facebook?
  1. When you block Facebook id then they cannot see your timeline post.
  2. The post in which you are tagged in and your photos will not be able to show them.
  3. Whenever you comment on another post then it will also not be seen by the blocked person.
  4. The blocked person cannot see how many groups you have joined and they cannot invite you to join a group.
  5. They cannot invite you to events and you also can't invite them.
  6. They cannot start a conversation with you. The person is also blocked on Facebook messenger.
  7. They can't add you as a friend.
  8. If you block a person from your friend list then that person deleted from your friend list.
  9. When you are blocking someone on Facebook then make sure that it will not affect apps or groups it will effects only your attraction with that blocked person.

After Blocking On Facebook Can I See Anything  About That Person?
Yes, you may still see content that you have shared with that person.
The things you might see on Facebook:
  1. Your message history will not be deleted from your inbox and the person you have blocked.
  2. You might see some photos, videos or tags of the blocked person added by other people.
  3. You will be able to see some groups that the blocked person created. 
  4. Games and Apps are made by outside developers so you might see the blocked person while you run a game and app that is connected to Facebook.

Is Blocking On Facebook Is Permanent?
Blocking on Facebook is not permanent, you can always unblock a person whenever you want.

How To Block Someone On Facebook
How To Block Someone On Facebook

How To Block Someone On Facebook

  • Open Facebook and log in to your profile. Tap on three menu collapse button and click on Settings & Privacy.

      • Tap on Settings and scroll down the next page to Privacy section.

          • In the Privacy section tap on Blocking and on the next page click on Add to the blocked list.

              • Now just type a name or email of the person you want to block. Facebook will show you a similar result to your searched name. Once you search a name then you have to tap on Block in the front of that name.

                  • In the last step, Facebook will ask you for confirmation. Just tap on Block. Your blocked list updated and the person will be added in it.

                    Second Method: How To Block Someone On Facebook

                    • First, search the name or email of the person you want to block. Go to his profile and then just click on the Setting icon as shown in the picture given below.

                        • Tap on Block ⊝and Facebook will ask you for confirmation just click on Block.

                          • Blocking on Facebook is quite easy, here you can see the person is added to my Blocked list. You can block any people you want there is no limit.


                          • Your message history will not be deleted from the inbox of a blocked person and the content that you have shared with that person will not be hidden.

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