How To Change Gmail Password

Gmail is one of the biggest email product launches by Google and it has almost the best privacy & protection system. If you think someone knows your password or your password is reveal by mistake then you can change Gmail password .

Your Google account is used to access many Google products like Youtube, Gmail, Analytics, Webmaster, and Google Adsense, etc so if you change Gmail password your password on other Google products will also be changed. Basically, a Gmail account is the same as the Google account.

What Is A Difference Between Reset and Change Gmail Password?

Make sure that there is a difference between change Gmail password and reset Gmail password. If you forget your current password then you have to reset it. You can change the Gmail password only if you know your current password otherwise you have to reset it first.

What To Know Before You Change Gmail Password?
  1. You must know your current password.
  2. Your new password must have at least 8 characters.
  3. You can add symbols (!@#$%), numbers (123), alphabets (ABC) and spaces in your password in order to get a more secure password of Gmail.
  4. Your current password cannot be your new password if you enter the current password in a new password then Google will show you the error of the same password.
  5. By changing Gmail password you will be signed out from all other devices, including your phone also. You need to type your new password in order to sign in again.
  6. Don't use a password from other sites it may not be secure.
How To Make Gmail Account More Secure?

You can also add two-factor authentication in order to make a more secure account. When you enabled two-factor authentication after you log in your Gmail account by entering the password then a verification code will be sent on your phone number after entering the code you will log in to your Gmail. You can't access your Gmail without verification code. If you don't have your mobile phone then you cannot log in to your Gmail account so be careful about two-factor authentication.

How To Change Password Of Gmail On Mobile & Browser?

If you want to change your Gmail password on the browser then click on Gmail Password Change you will redirect to the password change page. I will tell you how to change Gmail password in mobile and how to change Gmail password on iPhone the process is almost the same on a mobile app or on the browser. You can change your Gmail password whenever you want in just a few minutes. Just follow the given below step-by-step guide.

How To Change Gmail Password
How To Change Gmail Password

How To Change Gmail Password

  • Open your Gmail app. First, you need to Sign in.
  • Then tap on the three collapse menu button at the left upper corner of the Gmail.

      • Tap on Settings which is almost at the bottom of the page.
      • On the next page select your email of which you want to change your password.

          • At the top of the page tap on Manage your Google Account then a pop-up page will open in which your account is open.
          • On this page tap on Personal Info.

              • On Personal Info you can see the last when you change password. Just tap on Password.  
              • First, enter your current password and click on the Next button. Google will ask you just for confirmation and if you don't your current password then rest it.

                  • Type a new password and then type a Confirm password. Tap on the Change Password button at the bottom of the page. 

                      • Google will take a few minutes to review your recovery info and security settings to make sure that they are up-to-date.
                      • Tap on getting the Started button. For security checkups, Google will sign out your account from all the other devices.
                      • Now you have to just tap on Continue to your Google Account.

                        • Here you can see I change my Gmail password in just a few minutes. My last change in on Jun 9 before and my last change is Jul 13 after.
                        • In this article, you have learned how to change the password on gmail if you have any problem or question then tell us in the comments below or give some feedback.


                          • If you change gmail account password then you will be signed out from all other devices, including your own phone. You have to sign in again if you want to open the Gmail account.

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