How To Change Facebook Password

When you create a Facebook account then you have to enter some password for your own security so that no illegals activities should be done by others on your account. Every time when you open your Facebook account you have to first type that password then you login to your account. If you don't know your password then you cannot log in to your own account. But in some cases, if you open your profile after a long time or you forget your password then there are some other options to login to your account.

What Are The Reasons To Change Facebook Password?
If your password is known by someone else then you can also change Facebook password. Sometimes you connect your Facebook account with other apps or you interlink your account with some websites by entering a password and now you think your password is not secured. Whether if you are worried about getting hacked or you just want to change for security purposes or make it more difficult.

How Many Times You Can Change Facebook Password?
You can change the Facebook password many times and also anytime. But you must know your current password otherwise you cannot change your password. Without knowing your current password you can change Facebook password but for this purpose, you have to do some other process like you have to answer some personal questions from Facebook e.g phone number, mostly security questions, email id and some confirmations about your account, etc.

Can You Log Out Your Account From Other Devices?
When you log in your account on browsers or on other devices and if you think your Facebook account is open on other devices then there is also an option to logout from all other devices. When you change Facebook password then there is an option to stay login on other devices or logout from other devices. If you pick the 'logout from other devices' then your account will be log out from all devices instantly. You can also check in which device your account is opened.

How To Make Password Stronger?
If you want to make your Facebook password stronger then you have to enter alphabets (abcdef...), numbers (1234...) and symbols (!@#$^*...) in your password. Don't use easy words in your passwords like a car, bike, mobile, and lock, etc because these easy letters can easily guess by someone.

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Change Facebook Password

How To Change Facebook Password

  • First login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your Settings.

    • Then in the Security section just tap on "Security and login".
    • So another page will open and in the login section click on "Change Password".

    • First, type your current password.
    • Then type a new password and retype the new password.
      • Now just click on "Save Changes Button".

          • If you think someones knows your password then you can also check in which devices your account is open. For that just click on "Reviews other devices" and then hit the "Continue button".
          • Here you can see in which devices your Facebook account is opened.
          • Just tap on "Log out of all sessions" your account will log out from all other devices

            • If you know your current password then you can only change your Facebook password.

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