Functional Regulation | Genetic Aspect | Indirect Aspects

Functional Regulation

  1. Directly genetically controlled functions
  2. Indirectly genetically controlled functions. (Environmental factors, basically genetically regulated more complex than direct factors)
If a protein is able to perform more than one function i.e multifunctionality, how it performs?

Genetic Aspect

Alternative Promotors
Different sized proteins from a single gene. There can be overlapping genes as well due to alternative promotors from a single DNA fragment.
Alternative Translation Initiation Sites.

Indirect Aspects

The change in the environment changes other aspects as well e.g insulin is secreted in the active form a cleavage of peptide activates it. If the protease responsible for this cleavage is not properly producing then even if insulin is being produced it will not activate.

Another aspect is the modification

There are two types of it.
  • One is permanent.
  • The other is transitory or temporary.
One enzyme modifies & other removes it example when there was group A then protein performed function X but when group B then protein performed function Y.

Modifications also come in the form of combinations. e.g

Four amino acids   Four types of modification

There will be different scenarios. These modifications produce diversity like in the case of transcription factors. For example, some bind specifically to a specific group of genes. There will be different sets of modification because of which their binding pattern will change as a result of which the genes which they are coding also change.

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