Non Human DNA

Non-Human DNA

  1. The animal as a victim.
  2. The animal as the perpetrator.
As a witness (Denture or hairs).

    • Cats and Dogs are more common as pets.
    Felis Catus (cat):
    • 18 pairs of autosomes & 1 pair of sex chromosome
    • 11 STR sites which can be used for forensic purpose
    • Metroplex: STR system of cats
    • A gene SRY on the Y chromosome can be used as a marker for the distinction between male & female.

    Canis Familiaris (Dog):
    • The dog has 10 STR sites.
    • A series of 257bp in mitochondrial DNA which is hypervariable (HV1) and can be used to reach to the specific dog.
    • Mitochondrial DNA can be used to see various races of dogs.
    • The animals having chances of extinction can be seen through such analysis smuggling & poaching can be monitored. It can also be used to check the meat as well.
    To determine /recognize specie of an animal, Cytochrome b which is lying on mitochondrial DNA can also be used. Its principles are similar to that of ribotyping. Animal species from remains can also be identified in this way.

    Separation Techniques
    The difference between products having 1-2 copies.

    • Cheap, easy to make, and run.
    • Fragments having a difference of 4 nucleotides cannot be seen in large pore size 1500-2000A.

    • Pore size is 10-200A.
    • For sequencing, the difference of 1 nucleotide.
    • After sequencing, thus molecules are run on the page where separate products with a difference of one nucleotide can also be seen.
    Usually, 1% Agarose and 10% page are used for resolving purposes
    If there is a difference of 100-150 then agarose can be used.:
    • By increasing the concentration of agarose.
    • By increasing run time.
    • Gel length can be increased as well.
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