How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger | Temporary

Most people think that by deactivating Facebook account they will also deactivate Facebook messenger but it is another process. Deactivation of the Facebook account is not a deactivation of the Facebook messenger account.

Deactivation is basically a temporary deletion of account and users can get back whenever they want whereas deleting an account is a permanent removal of data.
There is a large difference between the Deactivation of Facebook Account or Messenger Account and Deleting Facebook Account.

Before we deactivate Facebook messenger first we have to deactivate the Facebook account. As we have previously explained that How to Deactivate Facebook Account, so if you have not deleted yet, go and deactivate Facebook account first.

Deactivate Facebook Messenger
Deactivate Facebook Messenger

How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger

  • Open Messenger 
  • In the top left corner tap on the profile option.
  • Tap on Account Settings.

    • In Account Settings section just tap on Personal Information
    • Then click on Manage Account ( Legacy contact and deactivation settings ).

      • In Legacy Contact Account there is a Deactivate option.
      • Just click on Deactivate.

        • After that enter the password and confirm the password for the security purpose.

          • Now select any one option why you deactivate Facebook messenger. I suggest you select the last option that is Other.
          • After selecting some pop-up will open close the pop-up and click on Continue at the end of the page.
          • In the last step click on the Deactivate button which is at the last of the page.

              • As you can see my login expired and messenger deactivation is successful.

                How To Reactivate Facebook Messenger

                To reactivate after deactivating your Facebook messenger just log in by using your email and password your's messenger will open properly as it was.


                  • Deactivate Facebook Messenger is for a temporary period.
                  • Your messenger chatting will not be deleted during deactivation.

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