How To Make Invisible Name On Facebook Profile Working 100%

Well, if you are here than probably you heard about how to make invisible name on facebook Profile. Most people trying to make their name invisible to everyone and most people know about it. So if you don't know then I will tell you the most simple method without any use of proxy or VPN.

By using proxy or VPN you have to face many problems sometimes. This name will be uncheckable after we make it invisible and could not be searched by anyone. Sometimes it becomes blank on that particular browser or app but it does not become invisible everywhere. I will tell you the most suitable and perfect method to make blank name on Facebook profile without violating the rules and regulations of Facebook.

You can surprise your friends by hiding your name or it can also be for fun purposes. Facebook doesn't like these types of things as Facebook updates come regularly so they try to make it impossible for the users. But most peoples like to do these kinds of thing so that it looks unique from the others.
There are many good old tricks but facebook makes some changes in its App by updating so the user cannot make an invisible name on Facebook profile.

Most people make facebook profile name invisible on the browser because Facebook does not allow. I have done this on Facebook App not on the browser and on other Apps. You just have to follow the given steps carefully.

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Make Invisible Name On FB

How To Make Invisible Name On Facebook Profile

    • ● Log in to Facebook account in order to make a blank name for Facebook.
    • Click on the collapse menu button ☰ at the right bottom corner of the app.
    • Scroll down the page and tap on Setting & Privacy.
    • Then go to Settings.

    • In the Account settings section just tap Personal information.
    • Once the Settings page is opened the click on Name.
    • Here you can see my current name is 'HowTo Guide'.

      • Now you can see my first name is How To and the last name is Guide.
        • Remove your first and last name.

        • Now you have to copy this code:

        ﹺ                         ﹺ

        •  And copy Raw Paste Data.
        • OR

        • Paste this code (Raw Paste Data) into your Notes.
        • Now copy this FB blank code (raw paste data) from your notes.

        • Just paste this blank code in First Name and also in the Last Name.
        • Type your Facebook password and tap on Save Changes.

        • Click on Save Changes.
        • Now you can see there are no alphabets on my name.

          • This is a 100% working method just copy the blank FB code (raw paste data) carefully and paste it all work should be done. In this way, you can also create an invisible Facebook account.

          Video Tutorial

          So with the help of this you can better understand and i have done this method on PC recently on April 16, 2020. I hope you enjoy it.

          How To Make Invisible Name of Facebook Profile On PC


          • Your name will not be searched by someone. It will be totally hidden from all the Facebook users.

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          1. Replies
            1. What kind of symbols bro...?

            2. (ﹺ                         ﹺ)

          2. Thank for sharing
            It still work

          3. Replies
              I have mention this website in the above pictures and also copied code from this website just click on this website and then paste it on your name change section...If this is not working then contact me on this mail: [email protected]

          4. not working, it says names can't be too short and when I paste it 2 times it says names can't be too long. lmao friggin facebook

            1. Bro you have copied that code properly..? I mean its quite easy..copy it in a proper way so you get the results. I am still using this..If this is not working then contact me on this mail: [email protected]

            2. And I didn't find you on facebook Imao Friggin

          5. It's working thanks buddy 😃❤️

          6. Thanks alot
            Can we be friends please?

          7. Replies
            1. You can watch the video tutorial that I have embed I hope it will work for u..otherwise I will send you code

          8. Hi I have tried that but they are telling me that the name is too short and I should put my authentic name on Facebook

            1. Copy the code in an accurate way I hope it will definitely work & watch the video in order to understand it very well...!


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