How To Download Facebook Data/Information

Facebook has introduced an option to download data/information since 2010. Facebook is one of the big social media that is using all over the world and nowadays Facebook also launches some new features in it. Mostly not every social media app has an option to download data/information whenever you want to quit or want to save it offline or want to transfer into another device. You can get your data from Facebook with easy access all you just know about your current password.

Why You Need To Download Facebook Information?
Facebook keeps all your data save from when you started your Facebook account. You can download  Facebook data to see what Facebook knows about you or if when you want to delete your account and want to take all your data with you.

What Facebook Knows About You?
Facebook data includes your history, post, video, messages, groups, and friends, etc. You can download Facebook information at any time. When you download your data you have an option to download all of your information at once or you can select the date ranges that you want and also select the type of information on your own.

How Much Time Facebook Take To Download Your Data?
Once you have sent a download request it will take a time to download. First, it will finish preparing your download request and once it's finished you will be notified by Facebook. It may take several days all depends on your data. My account is totally new so I just downloaded less than 1MB data in just a few seconds.

In Which Formats Facebook Download Your Data?
Data will be received in the Zip file. You can receive your information in HTML and JSON format both are easy to open.

What Happen If You Create File & Don't Download It?
Once you have created a file, then it will be available for a few days and after some days file will be deleted by Facebook. If you don't want to download your information and want to check out your data then it is also possible at any time.

How To Download Facebook Data/Information,ultimate guide
Download Facebook Data

How To Download Facebook Data/Information

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on Collapse Menu Button ≡ .
  • Tap on Settings.

  • Now you have to scroll down your setting menu & go into the "Your Facebook Information" section.
  • Then tap your finger on"Download your Information".
  • There are many options like posts, photos & videos, comments, likes and reactions, friends, following and followers, and ads, etc.
  • Uncheck any option if you don't want to download that particular thing.

  • Scroll down this page and in the end, you will see the "Create File" button.
  • Select the Date Range.
  • Select the Format : HTML (Default) Or JSON.
  • Select the Media quality preference: High/Medium/Low.
  • Then just tap 'Create File'.
  • On the next page click on Download and after some time you will be notified by Facebook when your data is ready to download.

  • For your security, enter Password to continue.
  • The file will be downloaded.
  • Data will be received in Zip File.


  • Data can only be download in two formats HTML & JSON.
  • As HTML is a coding language so you must have some Apps on your phone to open it and on the computer, it will be open with the help of Browsers.

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