How To Upload HD Photos & Videos on Facebook

When you create a Facebook account then by default you can't upload HD photos & videos on Facebook. No matter use are using iPhone or Android or using Facebook on PC. Whenever you upload a photo or a video it goes blur or the standard quality/low-resolution on Facebook.

On the other hand, most other social networks upload HD photos and videos. Blur photos and videos look not as nice as usual. This is the most annoying thing on Facebook. We have high-quality photos on our phone but uploaded photos will be in standard quality.

Most of the people due to this reason does not upload photos or videos on Facebook. To make your data plan save and to upload faster facebook disable the option to Upload HD Photos & Videos on Facebook.

Sometimes we upload a high-quality video in GBs so remember one thing when you upload HD photos & videos on Facebook then it will require your more mobile data or wifi whatever you are using.

As we know Facebook is a big social network platform. So they also give us an option to upload HD photos & videos on Facebook. You can only upload HD photos & videos on Facebook by enabling a single option. Keep in mind that this option will not upload a maximum high-quality photo (2048px) or video.

If you are a frequent user that uploads photos and videos daily then that will help you. You will see a difference between your uploaded and original photos or videos.

Upload HD Photos & Videos
Upload HD Photos & Videos

How To Upload HD Photos & Videos on Facebook 2019

  • Log in to your Facebook Profile.
  • Tap the hamburger menu button.
  • Then just click on Settings & Privacy.
  • Go to Settings.

  • Scroll down the settings page and in the end, you will see Media and Contacts section.
  • Tap on Videos and Photos.

  • Here you will see the toggles of Upload HD for Photos and Videos is OFF.
  • Now turn ON the toggles of Upload HD.

  • This is the difference of my profile picture from a Facebook account before and after turn on the toggles.


  • After turn on the upload HD toggles when you upload HD photos & videos on Facebook then your 100% original HD photos & videos are not uploaded.

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