How To Hide Friends On Facebook

When you create a Facebook account your Friends list is public and everyone can see it. We should protect our privacy as much as we can on the Internet. Mostly people stalk your account and check out who is your friend and who is not. In this case, we must hide friends on Facebook.

How Many Friends Make On Facebook?
When you send a friend request to some person and if it is accepted then that friend is added into your friends' list. In this way you make large friends list on Facebook. But maximum friends that you can add to your Facebook account are 5000. Facebook also gives some friends suggested that you may add to your list or can remove it from your suggestions list.

What Happens If You Hide Friends On Facebook?
If you want to hide friends list on Facebook from only one person then you can block him/her. When you hide friends on Facebook then people can still see your mutual friends. The mutual friends are those friend which is definitely your friend but also a friend of that person who is stalking you. The people which is both friend of you and the person who's viewing your profile. For example, if you are a friend with Usama and Ehsan is a friend with Usama, then Usama will be shown as a mutual friend when you are viewing Ehsan's Profile. You cannot hide your mutual friends. It will always be visible.

If Your Are Friends On Messenger Only Still You Need To Hide Friends?
If you add your friend on Facebook messenger then nobody can see it whether he/she is your friend or not and a mutual friend in this case not be shown.

To hide friends on Facebook you must change your privacy settings. Privacy is one of the great Facebook features in which Facebook has added a lot of things.

Some option to select in Privacy settings which are given below.
Public: Anyone on or off Facebook
FriendsYour friends on Facebook
Friends expect: Don't show to some friends
Specific Friends: Only show to some friends
Only me: Only me

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Hide Friends On Facebook

How To Hide Friends On Facebook

  • As you can see by default, the friend list is public.
  • The first thing you need to do is log in to Facebook get to your profile.
  • Click on Collapse Menu Button.
  • Go to Settings.

  • Scroll down the Settings.
  • Go to Privacy Section & click on Privacy settings.
  • Now scroll down privacy settings and go to the section "How People Can Find And Contact You".
  • Tap on "Who can see your friends list".

  • By default, it is Public.
  • Tap on "Only me".

  • Here you can friends are totally hidden.


  • If you hide friends list on Facebook then people can still see your mutual friends when they check out your profile.

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