How To Change Language on Facebook

Facebook is a big social media app that spread all over the world so every region and country has a different language in order to make it easy and reliable Facebook also gives us an option to Change Language on the Facebook app or on your individual account. When you install Facebook in your devices then Facebook appears the same language that you selected in your (Phone/Tablet/PC) devices. If you are using the French Language then your Facebook application automatically selects that Language. But you can also change the language on Facebook in your app settings without changing (Mobile/Tablet or PC) devices Language.

Facebook will automatically translate all buttons, search bar, notifications, and also post fonts into your selected language.

It is easier to use Facebook by selecting your own language. This will not be seen by other people if someone using English than in their Facebook English Language will appear but if the post has been written in other languages than that language will be shown. Facebook is now available over 100 Languages. So if you would like to change language on Facebook then follow these steps given below.

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Change Language on Facebook

How To Change Language on Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on Collapse Menu Button ≡ .
  • Tap on Settings.

  • Click on App Language
  • Click on Search Bar and Search languages that you want to apply on your Facebook application.

  • Select the Language For example: here I select Indonesia
  • Then just tap on the Save button.

  • And here just last step is tap on Ubah ke Indonesia.
  • Your Facebook app will restart.
  • Here you can see we totally learn How To Change Language on Facebook.


    • Facebook does not give us all the languages that present all over the world but over 100 are present in it.

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