How To Create a Group On Facebook

Groups are basically a close circle of people in which they share their posts and this is also a way to keep in touch with each other. Most groups are created on Facebook for discussion purposes or peoples share their interests and express their opinion, In general, it is a place of small communication. Facebook Pages and Groups are two different things. Which one is better its a difficult question both have their own uses.

Most peoples Create a Group on Facebook on their different topics. Most people create groups just only for fun. But remember that there should not be something wrong name of your group and don't post any illegal content on your group. If you do so then your group will be blocked by Facebook.

You must have to select at least one friend for your group when you create it. If you don't add then Facebook will show you an error message. You can either rename the group, change the description or delete the group whenever you want.

You also have three options for the privacy of your group. You can create a Group on Facebook for Public, Closed or Secret purpose.
Public: Anyone within the community can see the group, its member and their posts.
Closed: Anyone within the group can find the group and see who's in it. The only member can see the posts.
Secret: The only members can find the group, and see who's in it and what they post.
In order to make your group stronger and popular on social media, you have to do a lot of hard work just select your purpose and do complete research on it.

And more important thing if you have less than 250 members in your group than you will be able to change the setting but when you have more than 250 members in a group than you can change the Open group to Closed or Secret group and Closed group to Secret group. You will not be able to change the privacy after this. An unlimited number of peoples can be added to a group.
You can join 6,000 groups on Facebook once your limit is completed then in order to join a new one group you have to leave one of your previous groups.

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Create a Group On Facebook

How To Create a Group On Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook profile.
  • Just click on the hamburger button which is at the right lower bottom.
  • Now just tap Groups icon.
  • In Discover, you will see some groups that you can join and once you create your own group then it will be shown here.
  • Now just tap on Groups.

  • Here just tap the "+" icon.
  • Now you have to Name your group in order to create it.

  • Choose your friends that you want to add in your new group by ⊕ click on this icon.
  • Tap an empty circle icon to add your friends to your group.

  • Here you will see the empty circle is filled up with blue ticks.
  • Now you have three options for the privacy of your group. You want to create a group on Facebook for Public, Closed or Secret. Just pick from these three options and Tap Create button.

  • Now just Upload your Cover photo 1640x856 pixels, profile photo, and give some description up to 3000 characters also you can emoji to your group. 
  • Here you have successfully Create a Group on Facebook.
  • Here you can see in Discover section your Group is also present which totally shows that You have Created a Group with the name Hangouts.


  • If you have less than 250 members in your group then you can change your privacy anytime you want but if your member reached 250 then you can only change Group to Closed group or Secret group. After this, you can't change your privacy.
  • You can only join 6000 groups from your account.

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