How To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

The most irritating thing on Facebook is that it can't allow their user to change Facebook name before 60 days. Once you changed then you have to wait for 2 months. Most of the times it is very urgent to change the Facebook name. Usually, peoples use fake names day by day and they are doing some illegal activities that are why they updated this privacy feature.

This is really a big problem to change the Facebook name before 60 days these days for some peoples. Many times people changes there name just for fun or for making their name stylish but when they again want to change their then Facebook doesn't change the name within 60 days.


1. By sending your government-issued (Identity Card) ID, Passport, Driving License, Marriage Certificate, and Birth Certificate, etc in the documents
But if you send this to Facebook then you can't change your Facebook name in the future. So I suggest you don't go with this method.

2. Use this method that is given below.
This is too much easy so don't worry. This is totally a legal method.

3. Mostly you can see on websites that they change the name by facebook hacked method but this is not a way to change the name. In this way, you can only select your name from your previous names. By this method, you can only get your old name back.

AB Ultimate Guides will tell you the best working method to change the Facebook name before 60 days.
Just read all procedure given below carefully and apply on it. This will completely work. Let's start learning How To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days.

How To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days,ultimate guide
Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

How To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

  • Log in to the Facebook account.
  • In the second picture, this is a result before the name changed. 

    • Go to Settings.
    • In the Account settings section just tap on Personal Information.

    • Tap on the Name.
    • Here you can see I can't change my name on Facebook because I've changed it in the last 60 days.
    • To add a Nickname. Remember one thing your nickname would be that name you want to change. Means enter your new name in the nickname.

    • Type your Nickname.
    • Mark the Show at Top of Profile. This will show your name on a time-line that we need.
    • Just tap on Save Button.

    • Here you can see we added a nickname on our Profile.
    • Now take the screen-shot of your profile as given below. This is the most important step.
    • Now again go to Settings > Account settings > Personal Information > Name
    • Then just click on Learn More.

    • Scroll Down the Help Center page and at the end click on fill out this form to request a name change and confirm your name.
    • Enter the First and Last name that you have entered in Nickname this is important. Your First and Last name would be your Nickname.
    • For example, I typed my nickname Waleed Ch and now in New name, I also typing the same name.

    • Scroll down the page and in the end, you will see two options.
    • 1. Reason for this change,
    • 2. Your documents.
        • Tap on Pick One and select the Spelling Mistake reason for this change.

        • Now click on Choose Files and select the picture that we take a screen-shot before or select the screen-shot of your profile.
        • As in number one, I selected Spelling mistake and in number two I selected screen-shot of my Facebook profile.
        • Now last work that you have to do is just click on the Send button.  

        • This page will open. Facebook will respond to your Name change request soon. Mostly it takes up to 3-4 minutes sometimes it takes more than this.
        • As you can see at 12:31 I submit my request and at 12:34 I received a response from Facebook.
        • Just open it.

        • Here is a Facebook name change request message from Facebook.
        • Here you can see we learn How To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Day.


        • If you type the different names on Nickname and on New name then your request will be rejected.

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