How To Change Date Of Birth On Facebook

Facebook is a big social network where millions of people use it in their daily life. When you sign up for Facebook then you have to enter your date of birth. This Date of birth will show to everyone. Some peoples enter a fake or wrong birthday when they create a Facebook profile and after sometimes they don't want to make another account then there is a solution that they can change date of birth on Facebook.

Infect when your birthday comes then Facebook sends a notification to all your friends so that they wish you and remember your birthday. You can change the date of birth on Facebook whenever you want there is no limit. But once you changed then you have to wait for a few days then you can change it. You can also change who can see your birthday. Change date of birth on Facebook is not possible directly in your settings.

Most people ask you for your birthday treat then you have to give some treat because they know your birthday on Facebook. If this is a reason then instead of change you can hide your date of birth on Facebook.

And sometimes the reason behind  Change Date Of Birth On Facebook is just for your private purpose. Mostly when you are under 18 and still you are on Facebook then want to change date of Birth On Facebook so here is a solution.

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Change Date Of Birth

How To Change Date Of Birth On Facebook

  • Log in to your profile.
  • Tap on your profile so that you will go to your timeline.
  • Now just tap on Edit Profile.

  • Scroll down the Edit Profile page and in the end, you will see "Edit you about info".
  • Then on the next page scroll down the About page and in the Basic info section, you will see your birthday.
  • Click on the pencil icon.

  • Here you click on the down triangle button and edit your date of birth.
  • After edit your date of birthday scroll down the page and click on the Save button.

  • Here you can see the birthday is changed now.
  • I change my Date Of Birth from 30 January 1999 to 21 July 1999.

    • Once you changed your date of birth then you have to wait for a few days in order to change it again.

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